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If you want to avoid becoming a meme on the Internet, it is a mistake to display exorbitant possessiveness over a romantic partner. In , a man named Robbie Tripp went viral when he posted a picture on Instagram of himself and his swimsuit-clad wife, which he captioned with two hundred and sixty-eight words that were intended to prove his enlightenment but came off as howlingly sanctimonious.

In May, a popular YouTube gamer announced that he was separating from his wife, a professional elf cosplayer.

Why does Islam allow a man to marry four wives? - Q&A - Sh. Said Rageah

His wife then tweeted that he had been cheating on her for months with another gamer—and that she had not been able to read whatever announcement he had made, because he had blocked her on Twitter. It is getting increasingly absurd to observe intimate relationships filtered through the machinery of social media. Shonduras never stopped filming: he captured her fall and her tears, and put it all on the Internet.

On the Internet, Jenny became Cliff Wife and achieved instant memedom. In all of these Wife Events, as Tom Whyman termed them, at the Outline , the Wife Guys had actively taken steps to embarrass themselves and their life partners. These stories, in other words, ultimately revolve around the needs and neuroses of men. And yet they are, nonetheless, a gratifying pleasure to behold. She will have to change—and she is changing. The online wife is unbiddable, like an escaped llama or a trickster god.

She cosplays as an elf; she tweets that her husband blocked her. You can e-mail her if you want to. The wife, as you read this, is gently rolling off a cliff. David Owen reports on noise pollution, an intangible phenomenon with serious costs to human health and wildlife. Recommended Stories. Sign in. Many of these differences emerge quite early; research has found that amongst one-year-olds, girls are more likely than boys to show empathetic behaviors towards someone in distress. For example, modesty in clothing is prescribed for both genders but what constitutes modest dress differs between the genders due to physical differences and underlying differences in the psychology of attraction between genders which remain constant across all cultures.

Many Muslim women combating the mistreatment of women within their own communities find strength and empowerment in the spiritual teachings of Islam and its code of values, and in a call for a return to the Prophetic exemplary moral character. And if I were to favor anyone over another, I would favor women over men. Indeed, Al-Waleed has beaten me! This is an incredibly stern warning against any physical abuse.

Indeed, given all the foregoing evidence against marital cruelty and abuse, it would seem absurd to suggest that Islam condones domestic violence, so where does this notion come from? Indeed, the presumption of male disciplinary authority in the household was common to most pre-modern cultures.

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And if this still does not work, take up a stick and beat her soundly, for it is better to punish the body and correct the soul than to damage the soul and spare the body. Moreover, the relevance of socioeconomic factors to marital roles was acknowledged. The classical commentator al-Qurtubi d. Meanwhile, in other families, a man attempting to physically discipline his wife would completely devastate any hopes of reconciliation and marital harmony.

Ibn Ashur also went so far as to say,. It is lawful for the authorities, when they know that spouses will not be able to implement the legislated reprimands appropriately, or if they will not stop from overstepping their limits, then the authorities can stop them from implementing such reprimands and announce that anyone who hits his wife will be liable to punishment, in order to avert the escalation of harm between spouses, particularly in times of weak personal restraint.

As situations change, so do the norms of human interactions and what constitutes the best advice for resolving human conflicts will differ from one scenario to the next. Is there something more authoritative in determining how to apply the verse, such as the Prophetic preference and example? Any desire to terminate this contract, however, requires explicit procedures. There are multiple types of legal divorce in Islam.

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Initiating t his type of divorce is limited to the husband and can lead to immediate dissolution of the marriage. In fact, it often entails extensive financial burdens, ironically revealing the deeper rights intended for women. There are a number of valid reasons for a wife to seek a judicial annulment of her marriage. In other words, judges proactively sought to protect the rights of women. It was only to be expected then that the early 20th century experienced waves of reform, especially in areas of family law. In both the Ottoman Empire and later in nation-states like Egypt, reform in Islamic legislation entailed expanding the list of reasons for women to seek a judicial divorce to include other situations such as injury or imprisonment of the husband.

Married Wives Who Are Too Hot for Just One Man Vol. 2

You who believe, when you contract a debt for a stated term, put it down in writing…Call in two men as witnesses. Rather, it was the fact that in most societies, women were not involved in the conventional economic sphere; thus, since a woman was most likely unfamiliar with contracts, another woman should testify as well to reinforce her statement. Included in this sphere was also interpreting revelation e. Not all scholars, however, insisted on the political and normative dichotomy, nor the public versus private realms. For this reason, Ibn al-Qayyim comments on the verse as follows:.

However, when a woman is intelligent and remembers and is trustworthy in her religion, then the purpose [of testimony] is attained through her statement just as it is in her transmissions [in] religious [contexts]. Ibn al-Qayyim also notes that the degree of certainty that would be attained through the legal testimony of eminent Muslim women, such as Umm Attiyah and Umm Salamah and their likes, if they were to serve as witnesses in a dispute, would be greater than any ordinary man.

Elizabeth Loftus writes in her seminal paper on the subject of gender differences in memory,.

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The results were clear-cut. Males were more accurate and less suggestible about the male-oriented items while females were more accurate and less suggestible about the female-oriented items. This finding provided clear support for the hypothesis that females and males tend to be accurate on different types of items, perhaps indicating their differential interest in particular items and corresponding differential amounts of attention paid to those items.

Of course, part of this debate is a moot point since, as Mahmud Shaltut d. However, crucial to understanding the application of inheritance law in Islam is the system in which it occurs; i. Moreover, a careful reading of the full breadth of Islamic inheritance rulings rebuts the notion that the rulings privilege men.


It is important to recognize that Islamic law has the capacity to account for unique financial circumstances as well, through a variety of other mechanisms. Prior to the regulations of Islamic inheritance being revealed, a person had the option to designate their inheritance to any family member based on verse This provides ample room within the framework of normative Islamic law to accommodate unique and exceptional cases without the need for any revision or reinterpretation.

Discussions about Islamic laws of inheritance in the public arena and in major media outlets are often based on false caricatures and complete factual errors. In Muslim countries, laws governing inheritance are derived from verses in the Quran; men generally receive larger, sometimes double, the shares that women get. Distant male relatives can supersede wives, sisters and daughters, leaving women not just bereaved but also destitute.

Unfortunately, this statement is blatantly false. The rules around Islamic inheritance are deep and nuanced. How and to whom inheritance is allocated is a complicated science, involving complex linear equations and laws of recompense. The blanket belief that women are inherently entitled to less inheritance than men is a superficial understanding of both larger Islamic law and its application to socio-economic realities.

The practice of men taking more than one wife, or polygyny, was a widespread cultural norm of early Arab societies which Islam was first to regulate. That will be more suitable, to prevent you from doing injustice. This was especially necessary in social situations where marriage was a means of both physical and material protection for women. It is for this reason that a woman may stipulate in a marriage contract that her husband cannot take another wife, as Ibn Qudamah al-Maqdisi d.

For instance, in India, the percentage of Muslims who practice polygamy 5. Presently, the legal allowance of polygyny differs significantly among Muslim-majority countries. Some countries such as Turkey and Tunisia prohibit it, other countries restrict it significantly such as Malaysia and Morocco, and few countries like Kuwait place no restrictions on the practice. The best remedy to misinformation, propaganda, and ignorant stereotypes is knowledge. We should also recognize the paradigm and premises that formed classical Islamic scholarship.

Online publication. Those compilations not present on that site are instead cited using the numbering on the Arabic site IslamWeb. New York: The Guilford Press. Women outperform men in ultra distance swimming: The Manhattan Island Marathon Swim from to Int J Sports Physiol Perform. Frontiers in Psychology.

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